Workshop On Developments of new Scintillator Detectors
 for Gamma Spectroscopy and Imaging
November 16 – 17, 2009, Milano, Italy
The workshop is hosted by the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN) and the Physics department of the
Università degli studi di Milano, via Celoria, 16, 20133 Milano, Italy.
It is intended to give an opportunity to bring together experts and users of Lanthanum Halide detectors to
discuss properties, developments and applications of these newly available scintillator materials.
The topics will cover all the fields in which Lanthanum Halide detectors are used, both in basic and applied
research, from nuclear physics to space exploration, nuclear medicine and so on.
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P. Dorenbos (TNW, Delft)
F. Quarati (ESA)
M. Mokrousov (RSSI)
C. Fiorini (Politecnico, Milano)
S. Shimoura (CNS, Tokyo)
A. Maj (IFJ, Krakow)
F. Camera (Physics department and INFN, Milano)
O. Tengblad (IEM-CSIC, Madrid)
M.N. Cinti (University La Sapienza, Rome)
C.A. Ur (INFN, Padova)
R. Menegazzo (INFN, Padova)
R. Pani (University La Sapienza, Rome)
R. Bernabei (University Tor Vergata, Rome)
S. Siem (Physics department, Oslo)
M. Tardocchi (Istituto di Fisica del Plasma, CNR, Milano)
M. Ciemala (IFJ, Krakow)
F. Cappella (University La Sapienza, Rome)
S. Riboldi (Physics department and INFN, Milano)
S. Lo Meo (INFN, Bologna)
Saint Gobain
   Local organizing team:
   N. Blasi
   B. Million
   S. Riboldi
   O. Wieland
   secr.: I. Giussani
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