Astroparticle Physics


Coordinator: Barbara Caccianiga
Room: A3/C13 (Lita building, third floor)
Telephone: 02/503.17393
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


CSN2 Astroparticle Physics Committee website

Scientific activity of the Milano astroparticle group:

The Milano astroparticle group is involved in experimental activities concerning solar neutrinos (Borexino), dark matter (DarkSide and SABRE), cosmic rays (AUGER), CMB polarization (STRIP) and neutrino physics (SOX, JUNO, NU_AT_FNAL). These activities aim at understanding some of the most fascinating open questions in modern physics: what are the mechanisms which power the stars? what is the nature of the missing mass in the universe? Can inflation explain the universe evolution immediately after the Big Bang? Do sterile neutrinos exist? What mechanisms can explain the dominance of matter over anti-matter in the universe? Here are some links to have more details on the above mentioned experiments.

Astroparticle physics group thesis