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Sezione di Milano

Technological Research

Coordinator: Dario Giove
Room: 3E (third floor LASA building)
Phone: 02/503.19559
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


CSN5 Technological Research Committee Website

Scientific activities of the Milano Technological and inter-disciplinary research group:
The Milan group is involved in a set of scientific experiments that cover nearly all different aspects that are relevant for the CSN5. The large number of researcher that participate in these activities lead to the fact that 19 experiments and 4 CALL are actives in Milan. The specific fields of interest range from the development of next-generation prototypes and the production of today’s particle accelerators, to applications of physics methodology to oncological therapy, from the development of radiation detectors, electronic and computer systems, to the application to biomedical and environmental areas. These researches are relevant not only in fundamental physics research projects, but also in other areas of research and social life. It is noticeable to quote, accordingly, the fields of medical imaging, hadron therapy to treat cancer (both for the design of new accelerator facilities and for the development of radiotherapy treatment plans), protection of the environmental heritage.

Here are some links to have more details on some of the experiments that are underway:

  • Particle accelerators: L3IA
  • Physics applied to Medicine: Hadrocombi
  • Detectors and related electronics: HVR_CCPD

Technological Research Thesis